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Do you have an assignment with the name Bethany Hood?

If so please add his/her title(s) here and upload your assignment and link to it. Attorneys will be able to download your example and use them as proof of fraud.

Below is what information we have been able to find.

VP MERS / Novastar Mortgage, inc. Downloadable file: MERS Mortgage Assignment
Default Services Jr Officer;
Attorney-in-Fact for Wachovia Mortgage by National Fidelity Foreclosure Solutions (think this is FIS??);
MERS as Nominee for New Century Mortgage Corp;
Attorney-in-Fact as Assistant VP for Deutsche Bank or Saxton (hard to honestly tell);
MERS VP; Attorney-in-Fact for Saxton Mortgage Bank of NY;
MERS Certifying Officer Listing;
HSBC as Attorney-in-Fact;
Assistant Secretary of Deutsche Bank by American Home Mortgage Financing Corp;
Bank of NY Assistant VP;
Household Finance Corp by Attorney-in-Fact;
MERS, Lender Processing Services, Inc. ;
Vice President RFC, Dakota County, MN;
Group Account Supervisor, Corbett Accel Healthcare Group;
Senior Account Executive, Abelson-Taylor, Inc.;
Project Manager, MedPoint Communications;
Account Service Manager,Williams Labadie;
Therapist in Charge,Alight Pediatric Therapy Clinic;
Physical Therapist, New Directions Therapy;
Teacher/Coach, Annapolis Christian Academy;

Power of Attorney for HSBC] she has used since 2006 in many states, CA, FL, IL, MA, MS, NY, OH, TX Check out a lawsuit just filed Miami Federal Courts, US Dist Court - Southern District of Florida, # 10-CV-80259-Zloch-Rosenbaum

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